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The beauty between wei yu is not beautiful, it says!


Do you know what the important thing is between the bathroom?

Not be to say your home is some between wei yu decorate much good, wei yu product is much high-grade, wei yu can have much high-grade between wei yu, did not have bathroom lens, again high-grade also has limitation.

Is the bathroom beautiful or not, it is in charge of, a good-looking bathroom mirror, minute lets your bathroom good-looking many times, if do not have it, you try is what feeling?


The mirror between wei yu is like the magical filter in the space, can adjust the depth scale of whole space, have powerful fill the action of light, let wei yu achieve the effect of beautiful face of a key between.


Modelling of Angle




 Round, ellipse and square are the common shapes of bathroom mirror. Round mirror can let a space also become more lovely, fruity, make the atmosphere that gives sweet and comfortable wei yu.



The square bathroom mirror with distinct edges and corners gives the person neat and rigorous visual feeling, also be very common bathroom mirror shape.

Mix and match




With the same paragraph that defend bath mirror is folded build to create the modelling way that gives more style characteristic, also be more popular design way recently. Such design lets the space have administrative levels feeling more, build a richer simple sense


In the beautiful simultaneously can satisfy two people's lavatory demand. But between the wei yu of small family model, careful do not use the mirror that dimension is too big to do fold build, can appear too crowded.




The wei yu lens without frame, can perfectly blend in different style to decorate inside, need not consider other background factor, practical index is higher.


Bring the wei yu lens of frame, can undertake processing again on frame, use to annotate different wei yu style.

Material technology Angle

As a result of the environment characteristic of moisture between wei yu, moisture heavy, to the material of wei yu lens to exist certain requirement, recommend as far as possible the product that chooses not easy to be affected with damp or pass waterproof and antirust processing.
Mirror is too thin wei yu lens is easy break, existence is very big safety hidden danger, had better choose the wei yu lens of 5mm above so.

· Sound Point

· LED bath mirror



LED bathroom mirror is a more advanced product. The illuminant around, complement the defect of insufficient daylighting between wei yu, convenient goodwife makes delicate makeup look here.
In addition, LED bathroom mirror is usually equipped with a key to prevent fog, water vapor, and other powerful functions.

Bathroom lens ark




Had the bathroom mirror ark that received a function concurrently, can solve the inadequacy that receives between wei yu.



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