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Global sanitary ware is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and integrated


Global sanitary ware is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and integrated

Modern sanitary ware manufacturing originated in the United States and Germany in the mid-19th century. After more than one hundred years of development, Europe and the United States have gradually become the regions with mature development, management and advanced technology in the world sanitary ware industry. Since the 21st century, China's sanitary ware industry has developed rapidly, and its product output and quality, design level and process level have been rapidly improved, and it is increasingly favored by consumers at home and abroad.

At present, the world has formed three well-known sanitary ware brands: American brands represented by Kohler and Moen; Grohe, Roca and Hansgrohe ) is the representative of the European brand; Asian brands represented by TOTO, Huida and Wrigley. Among them, our Foshan Andi bathroom owner is the first director of Wrigley Sanitary Ware and Massage Cylinder Factory, the quality policy of "scientific design, fine work, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction", strictly implement international quality, environmental management system standards, and apply the industry. The most advanced management system is dedicated to creating comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly bathroom products for consumers. With the technological advancement of the sanitary ware industry and the globalization of the industrial division of labor, the global sanitary ware industry has shown the following characteristics:

A. The overall matching becomes the mainstream day by day

Into a series of sanitary ware products can not only achieve coordinated on the function, make consumers more comfortable in using, enjoy more comfortable and convenient environment that defend bath, style, design and its wholeness, consumer can according to their own preferences and habitation environment selection and the corresponding to different main series of products, so can reflect consumers more personalized life concept, meet the needs of their personality development. In today's increasingly rich material, people's choice of products not only focuses on the function of "use", but also pursues more "added value", especially the enjoyment of art and beauty is indispensable. It is based on this, the whole that becomes a series matches to change defend bath product to make consumer not only in the product get "use" satisfy, get more "beautiful" enjoy, be sure to become the trend that wholesome clean provides industry future development is in.

B. pay more attention to sanitary ware design

With the continuous deepening of global integration and the in-depth integration of various cultural elements, consumers have increasingly improved their requirements on the appearance and texture of sanitary products, which have a sense of modernity and fashion, and the sanitary products that can lead the trend of life style are generally welcomed by the market. In order to expand market share, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in sanitary ware product design, and have developed extensive cooperation with well-known designers, constantly bringing forth new products, leading the development of global sanitary ware products to pay more attention to product design.

C. Production technology and technological level are continuously improved

After hundreds of years of development, the production technology and process level of sanitary ware industry has become mature and perfect. From product quality to production efficiency, as well as appearance process design, etc., have made considerable progress. In recent years, the world's well-known sanitary ware enterprises have increased their investment in the production technology improvement and technological upgrading, such as the development and application of new materials to prepare mud-glaze protoplasm, so that various novel glaze colors and implements emerge constantly. Equipped with efficient new mechanical equipment and automatic production line, improve production efficiency; We will step up research and development, innovatively apply modern technologies such as electronic control, digital and automation to sanitary ware products, and improve the comfort and convenience of sanitary ware experience while realizing more powerful and efficient product functions.

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